One kiss set the stage. 

I knew she was too young for me, but I didn’t care. Even though we were acting, the chemistry between us was real and undeniable. 

After our audition stretched from one scene into an unforgettable, show-stopping performance in my bed, all I wanted was to see her again. 

And now I have. 

I've had a thousand different fantasies of how we'd meet again. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine she'd end up being my student
Hey friends! My new, too-hot-for-Amazon standalone, Teacher's Pet, is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited now! (Seriously, Amazon locked it up in "the dungeon" for being too sexy for a while there. I take that as a major compliment!)

Here's what the smut-goddess herself, Sierra Simone, had to say about it:

Teacher's Pet is the filthy forbidden romance I've been waiting for. Rae Lynn takes every older guy/younger girl fantasy I have and explodes it into something even dirtier and more heart-breaking.
Teacher's Pet is a full-length, one-night-standalone novel. You know I can't help but dole out a good cliffhanger here and there, and I love drawing out sexual tension, but this one will leave you satisfied in one delicious go. I promise!

If you don't have a Kindle Unlimited account, and you'd like a chance to read Teacher's Pet for free, enter my insta-win giveaway on Amazon.

Until next time!

<3 Rae Lynn

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